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Department of Hotel Management

BHM, Certificate Programmes

Hotel Management is the art and science of professionals organising and operating a facility of providing boarding, lodging, food and services to its guests. It is a way of achieving ones career objective by providing hospitality to its guests. Hotel and Hospitality is a fast growing sector contributing to a large chunk of GDP worldwide, thus ensuring voluminous job opportunities.

LMF's HM department has modern state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, labs and qualified faculty to provide it’s students with technical knowledge & develop the behavioural pattern at par with the industry. Associating with LMF will provide a platform to excel in one’s career with LMF’s benchmark training facility and taking benefits of it’s professional network.

Why HM @ LMF ?

To create qualified & skilled professionals who can excel in the field of hospitality and tourism.

  • To promote and enrich hospitality and tourism education
  • To learn fundamental principles, technical concepts and prevalent practices in hospitality and tourism management
  • Attain the required skills, knowledge and in-depth understanding in a particular area of interest within the hospitality and tourism sector
  • To train an individual to function well in hospitality industry and inculcate a behavioural pattern in him / her to meet the day-today challenges of operations
  • Educate individuals to be a part of global workforce and adopt and compliment the varying demand of the hospitality worldwide
  • Developing enterprising mindset of the individual
  • To maximise their potential while preparing them for the next step in their career.
Programme Outcome

At the completion of the course from LMF, students get a clear insight about the core hospitality areas like Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office and Housekeeping. Students also demonstrate the adequate wealth of skills to advance their career. These qualifications will ensure respect and credibility with any future employer and progression routes for students who wish pursue further studies.

Certificate Programme & Syllabus

Landmark Foundation offers job oriented Certificate Courses to its students. These courses can be undertaken as add - on certificates with BHM or as separate short term programmes. They range from 40 days to 1 year. All courses are autonomous.

These programmes help students get skilled jobs or help in career advancement. Small restaurant / hotel owners improve their technical skills thereby improving the quality of the products or services they offer.

1 year Course

LMF'S 1 year certificate programme in Hotel Management covers Food Production, F&B Services as its main modules. The course also covers computer basics and English language. The year is divided into two semesters- six month class room training & six month training at our partner hotels. We cover 24 Food Production practicals. The students are taught about kitchen equipments, various cooking techniques, identifying ingredients and the arts of cooking. Students who wish to peruse F&B service are taught service styles, identifying crockery, cutlery, stemware, etc. This programme helps the students in sharpening their skills & get immediate jobs. In addition to the above programme, the student can take International cooking, Indian cooking, bar tending as add-on certificates.

  • Basics of food service industry
  • Food service, facilities and procedures
  • Menu planning & merchandise
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Introduction to cookery, cookery methods , aims and objectives
  • Kitchen safety and hygiene
  • Kitchen organisation and staffing
  • Kitchen design and layout.

Certificate Course in International (Continental) Cuisine

The international Cooking programme is a 06 month module. This course will provide the students with the necessary knowledge and techniques to prepare traditional and modern dishes from five different areas of the world - America, Italy, France, Mexico and Asia (India and China).

The course will also cover additional topics such as Menu Research and Planning, Kitchen Layout and Evolving New Recipes.

The student can also undertake this module as an Add-on with either BHM or Certification in HM.

  • Identify the major stations in a modern kitchen
  • Organise and work at all kitchen stations proficiently
  • Prepare soups
  • Prepare hot and cold appetisers
  • Prepare and serve a selection of side dishes and salads
  • Identify cuts/market forms of beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry, fish and shellfish. Differentiate the cooking methods for each
  • Describe the major bone structure in beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish in relation to carving / deboning.

Certificate Course in Indian Cuisine (Duration 6 Months)

  • Provide an introduction to core ingredients and spices
  • Enable students to identify regional specialties
  • Teach students how to create workstations for Indian cooking
  • Produce basic Indian meals and snacks.

Certificate Course in Bartending

  • Introducing Beverage commodities and basics of liqueurs and liquors
  • Mixology and cocktail making methods
  • Bar flaring practice (step by step)
  • Training session in hospitality personality grooming (workshop)
  • Emerging trends in trade and auxiliary operations of business
  • Workshops and hands on training experience.

Hotel Planning & Operations

This is a special course especially designed for Hotel/Restaurant/ Café owners, or students who wish to get into consultancy services. The module helps the student to understand the nuances of running a sustainable business, maximization of profits and reduction in cost. The student learns the basic principles of planning & designing of restaurants/hotels and the details of running and managing a property.

Modules & Syllabus

  • Energy Management
  • Planning & Designing the building>
  • Planning & Designing the lodgings
  • Food service Planning & Design
  • Maintenance Management
  • Systems & Control.