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Department of Management Studies

BBA, Certificate Programmes

The Department of Management Studies (DOMS) offers its students a brilliant opportunity to enhance their expertise in the chosen area of management. The vision of DOMS is to be a centre of excellence where the synergies of technology and management will be blended to serve st the global challenges of business and industry in the 21 century’s dynamic business environment.

This Department offers a wide range of 6 months and 1 year value added certificate courses in addition to BBA which reflect the needs of present-day dynamic business, commerce and economic scenario and to enable its students to face the challenges of corporate world. The courses are characterized by a highly relevant contemporary curriculum and advanced innovative and instructive methods making the students highly competitive and industry ready. It takes the onus to prepare a breed of managers who have the courage, skills and resilience to excel in the corporate world.

For eg. The Certificate course in Home Science is geared towards providing women the opportunity to widen their educational base for a more practical and functional training in various areas of the programme. Designed to improve a generation of skilled manpower, it applies its resources through teaching, research and extension for the well-being of the immediate community and the country at large.

The department runs with facilities like a full-fledged Library, Computer Labs, Wi-Fi connectivity and above all a team of dedicated Faculty.

The performances of the students are monitored regularly using teaching methods like Case Studies, Presentations, Sessional Examinations etc. The student has regular interactions with personalities from various industries/ academia and also undergoes frequent industrial visits.

Advantages of Doing BBA at LMF
  • Students will establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real time problems through the use of management knowledge and with attention to team work, effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Students will develop professional skills that make them ready for employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields.
  • Students will be provided with an educational foundation that prepares them for excellent leadership roles along diverse career paths with encouragement to follow professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career.
Programme Outcome
  • Students completing different courses are academically and professionally prepared for an enriching career.
  • hey apply conceptual business foundations to solve practical decision-making problems, both individually and as part of teams using techniques such as Case Analysis, Projects and Assignments.
  • They develop a systematic understanding of globalisation and its impact on people, businesses and the economy.
  • They inculcate an ability to analyse a problem, identify, formulate and use the appropriate skills for obtaining its solution.
  • They learn to recognise and address ethical issues and values and apply them in organisational settings.
  • After the course completion, students communicate effectively, both in writing and orally (Spoken / Writing skills).

Case Study

Case study constitutes a vital component. Case-analysis helps to improve the analytical power of students, their decision-making ability and communication skills wherein they apply their acquired conceptual knowledge in a given situation.

Project Work

Students engage themselves in various projects under the able guidance of the head of the department. Students form teams to carry out the projects.

Project work offers the students an opportunity for specialisation in a given field of interest and learn to work as part of a team which is a vital part of any students resume.

Guest Lectures

Seminars / workshops on important academic and business issues are organised at LMF throughout the year for students. Eminent academicians / professionals are frequently invited to the campus to share their knowledge and experience with the students.

Skill Development Courses

Students have a vast range of certificate courses to choose from, which will be additional boost to their knowledge input, making them industry ready and helping them to kickstart their career-opening lucrative business / job opportunities .

They can choose from various options of certified courses like entrepreneurship, role of E-commerce, business plan design & implementation which give them an insight into business functions, concepts and helps them to utilise the recourse for maximising their wealth / career prospects. Students can also choose French Language as an additional certification.

Certificate Courses & Syllabus

Home Science

  • Cookery 1 & 2
  • Housekeeping 1 & 2
  • Home economics
  • Food & nutrition
  • Health & hygiene
  • Managing home finance
  • Communication skills
  • Social etiquette and grooming.

Role of E-commerce

  • Introduction to computers
  • Mark-up languages
  • E-commerce
  • Web design
  • Project work.


  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Managing family business
  • Business ethics
  • Business finance
  • Role of E-commerce
  • Communication and grooming.

Business Plan Design & Implementation

  • Business environment
  • Strategic planning and Implementation
  • Economics and finance
  • Role of government
  • Business production and operations
  • Risk management.