Landmark Foundation InstituteAffiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University


Facilities / Hotel management labs

Hotel Management Labs

The Basic Training Kitchen at LMF is a fully stainless steel facility which can accommodate 30 students at a time. The kitchen has been designed to ensure easy flow of raw materials, water supply and washing area. It has all equipment including low heat burner, high heat burner, deep freezer, sandwich griller, dosa griller etc. to ensure accurate training of all cuisines is administered.

Our 24 cover restaurant and a bar is used for food & beverage training which has all spirits, glasses relevant to spirits, complete table setting to teach serving styles & settings.

The housekeeping lab is a fully functional en-suite where students are taught bed making, cleaning used materials, room layout used in modern hotels etc.

Other Facilities

  • Well-equipped computer labs
  • Foreign language trainer
  • Industrial visits
  • Industrial associations
  • Workshop seminars from experts
  • Video sessions and guest lectures.